Software CAM 3D PALCAMPC 3.9.3

CAM 3D PALCAMPC is the intergated solution specifica to all machines CNC PALSER.
Permits to prepare toolpath directly on machine for lathes (roughing and finishing) and for the completely new machines for toe and heel milling (look Art.062).
Main characteristics:

- read many different open formats like ASCII, STL, XML, PLY,PLF,SNF,MFB,SEC...
- multilanguage interface : english, chinese, spanish, turkish, italian, etc...
- direct import of the external file format without any external software of conversion
- read models form optical and mechanical digitizers
- read models with and without dogs
- can modifiy directly on CAM the dogs without need to be modified on CAD
- file archiver of all settings data, divided size by size, for an easy recall of data used in previous working
- 3D view, with zoom and inspections functions at high resolution
- true 3D cutter dimension compensation
- toolpath improved with elaboration time faster than ever
- open interface to all CAD for shoe-last on the market
- toe and heel version fully integrated, with automatic recall of all data used during previous working on the lathes.
- can be connected to external databases to handle automatically all operations.
- operator can change the axis of the model directly by CAM