Art.062 permits to work heel and toe of the last in just one machine. It realizes the operations of milling of heel and toe completely in automatic cycle with one operator. Machine has got two different working units that realizes the milling.
All the operations are driven by a multiprocessor numerical control where is installed a specific CAM 3D to elaborate the surface to mill and to make the 3D grading of different sizes. The system uses surfaces files describing the shoe last's model, generated by all scanning system and CAD/CAM 3D.
Many formats supported, for example standard formats STL, ASCII, PLF


The machine is supplied with high performance numeric control which permits to realize all the operations of setting of machine very simple and immediate.
The machine permits to store all setting values for the working of a shoe-last model, and after it can read the values for production of the same model, without other operations of setting.


Electronic control: multiprocess numerical control.
Electrical system: PLC programmable unit 24 V d.c. with indelible memory.
Power: 400V 50/60 Hz with safety devices according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 1800 x1300x1900mm.
Weight: 1500 Kg

Options: Kit for remote-assistance from our site is available.

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