PALSER is placed in Mesenzana (Varese), ITALY; it is situated in the North of Italy, near Switzerland. PALSER is a dynamic company with more than twenty years of experience in high precision mechanics.
In the last years, PALSER has turned its interest in the sector of machines for shoe-last production, realizing completely ex-novo its own machineries, characterized by original projects and use of new technologies, reducing the number of machines necessary to produce lasts, joining more working-cycles in few machines.Actually PALSER is able to offer all the machineries to work the last. PALSER machinaries born, from the project, in total respect to safety norms; the solutions adopted are consequently the best that is possible to offer, and not expedient temporary, superficial, precarious. The value of a machine is to be measured also with seriousness of the company that produces it, with guarantee of quality and safety constant in the time, and not just with productivity of the machine. Simplicity of utilization of PALSER machines permits to employ operators not qualified and without long experience on the world of the shoe-lasts. These machines realize workings only in a few operating units, whereas the traditional machines request a relevant number, with increasing of labour and imprecision, because of continuous passages from one operator to an other one. A careful analysis realized in factories of our customers proves that the production's process of lasts realized with PALSER machines is not only simplified, but it permits to reduce the production-cost of one pair of lasts, cost that is considerably lower than the one obtained with traditional machineries. Finally PALSER is a company open to customer. Dialogue with customers is on the basis of our philosophy, continuous occasion of improvement and source of ideas for future projects.