The CAD/CAM system that PALSER propose permits to receive data coming from model’s digitizer and to handle the 3D structure of the shoe-last.
The software package is completely integrated and encloses module for digitized data reading, CAD for 3D adjustment of the last and CAM to generate the toolpath for CN machines.
The operations are simple and intuitive, the work to modify the model become very quick, thanks to CAD powerful functions.
The CAD/CAM package receives as input files that comes from PALSER digitizer and realizes as output standard ISO code for PALSER machines.
It is possible also to exchange data with others systems, receive data of models that come from other digitizers or send toolpath to CN machines different from PALSER.


The software package encloses, between main functions:
Import of data from digitizer systems
Reverse engineering of the surface and ISO toolpath generation for CN working
Toe changing
Heel changing
Conversion from shoe to boot
Change of toe length
Change of toe shape
Change of cone curve
Change of heel curve
Extraction of 2D feather templates
3D model comparison
See results in real-time
Very good local and global control of surfaces