The machine PALSER Art.170 consists in a completely automatic leader for the roughing machine PALSER Art.190.
Its function is various: it receives the plastic blocks, it puts them correctly in order to place in the best way the working axis in the machine, it saws the two sides of plastic blocks and finally loads the plastic blocks directly in the roughing machine in automatic cycle.
All these operations are executed in times of cycle very reduced and permit to reach productions with high quality noticeably superior than the actual one.
The automatic leader of plastic blocks supports and completes the machine PALSER Art.190 that obtains optimized conditions for productivity and final output.


Numerical control with high performance, network board, floppy drive, monitor color, alphanumerical control panel.
Electrical movements 24Vdc
Hydraulic system: variable range pump
Electronic control: PLC programmable unit 24Vdc with indelible memory
Electrical system: power 220/380V 50Hz in accordance to laws in force