PALSER Finishing Machine Ari.130 carries out the finishing of the last by a powerful numerical control that utilizes all the model's data from PALSER Digit. Ari.105 or from a CAD/CAM working station.
The machine works the pair of lasts and executes the finishing of the last's body, of toe and hell completely in automatic cycle, reproducing the original model and carrying out the numbers for the mass production.


1-The model's data coming from PALSER Digit. Art.105 or from the CAD/CAM station arrive on the numerical control via network or by floppy disk.
2-The operator settles the working cycle: finishing of last's body or of toe and hell too.
3-Defining the number of the last to work and carrying out its development on CN.
4-Putting the lasts on the tailstocks horizontally situated.
5-Starting of CN automatic cycle.
At the end of the cycle, the operator picks-up the worked lasts and load those to work.


Multiprocessor numerical control with high performance, network board, floppy drive, monitor-color, alphanumerical panel of control.
r>Digital motors with high performance, SERCOS interface for maximum precision and working speed.
Movement hydraulic of tailstock's auxiliary units, of last's draggers and of collets sustaining the last; variable range pump.
Electronic control: PLC InterBUS-S with indelible memory.
Electrical system: power 220/380 V 50 Hz with safety devices according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 2550x1810x2200 mm.
Weight: 4500 Kg.