Art.125 is a CNC turning machine that finishes the last at high speed with good quality surface.
The machine is controlled by a very high performance CN constantly in evolution that permits to reach a very high working speed and an excellent level of surface's finishing, thanks to its good and simplified mechanics, for an easier maintenance.
The machine is able to work all files in ISO format, that can be supplied either from Digitizer or from a workstation CAD/CAM.
Art.125 works two pairs of lasts in very reduced times and its use is very simple.


Numerical control with high performance, network board, floppy drive, monitor color, alphanumerical panel of control.
Digital motors with high performance for maximum precision and working speed.
Movement hydraulic of tailstock's auxiliary units, variable range pump.
Electronic control: PLC with indelible memory.
Electrical system: power 230/400V 50/60 Hz with safety devices according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 2200x1600x2100 mm.
Weight: 4000 Kg.