ART.105.0 optical digitizer scans all the model's surface and generates 3D file that contains information
about body, toe and heel. File is saved in standard formats and can be used directly by PALSER machinery or sent to a CAD/CAM workstation.
Scanning process is done with completely automatic procedure and use of digitizer is very simple.
Machine permits scanning of the foot for orthopaedic applications.

Technology : photometric optical sensor High Data Quality: using only one camera minimizes shading
effects on complex surfa ce structures like shoe-last models.
Output : standard file formats, STL, ASCII,PLY, IGS and more
Hardware configuration: based on high performance multicore PC system with Windows S.O., scanning camera integrated with digitizing machine.

High Accuracy: + / - 0.02 mm
Mean Point Density : 0.2 mm
Focus Measuring Distance: around 800 mm


Electrical system 400/230 V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions : 1600 x 1150 x 2000 mm
Weight: 750,00 Kg

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