PALSER Digit.Art.105 permits to acquire the geometrical data of last's model .
The reading cycle of shoe-last’s model takes place by a continuous mechanical touching, assuring precision and entrustment without specific treatments of the last to acquire.
The reading system is simple and intuitive.
Machine is characterized by robust and fine mechanics , to give warranty for quality of 3D data obtained.
Reading and surface rebuilding processes are done in the same time and file generated is immediately available for working in Palser CN machines.
Machine supplies data also in standard ASCII format, to be imported in reverse-engineering systems for the rebuilding of surfaces and for solid modeling assisted by computer.


Axis control managed through embedded CN.
Data file available on PC hard-disk, transmitting and sharing of data via network, via serial cable or floppy disk, for production machines and for CAD/CAM working units.
Electrical system: power 220/380V 50Hz with safety devices according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 1500 x 750 x 1550 mm.
Weight: 1000 Kg.