The machine Art.092 executes sharpening of cutters used for roughing and finishing machines, traditional and CN.
Mounting and dismounting of cutter with proper handle quick and precise;
Approaching to tool with knob;
Adjusting of cutter’s rake with handle;
Execution of sharpening by automatic feeding smooth and precise, variable in speed;
Very high repeatability of sharpening;
Set of cutter position by centesimal handle, and repetition of sharpening of the series without other setting operations;
Quick detachment of the tool after cycle;
Check of cutter’s height directly in machine with instrument.
Diameter of cutter : min 28 mm max 50 mm
Height of cutter : min 10 mm max 50 mm
Cutters made with hard metal or HSS.


Sliding with roller-bearing for precision and quickness.
Electrical system 220/380 V 50 Hz with safety devices according law in force.
Tool motor 0.5 Kw 2800 Rpm.
Cutter motor 0.18 Kw.
Reducer 130 Rpm.
Dimensions : 600 x 500 x 500 mm
Weight : 100 Kg