PALSER Automatic Stamping Machine ART.084 permits to realize stamping of the last in automatic cycle with just one operator. The working cycle offers speed, precision, versatility and it is easy to use.
It realizes all the kind of stamping, choose done with simple operations of cycle's selection.


Loading of the last, blocking with vice in the machine.
Selection, with proper selectors, of stamping cycle, switching on the desired working.
Setting of working units with relative commands.
Starting of stamping cycle.

Station 1: the machine executes stamp of serial number on front cone of the lasts right and left.
Station 2: stamping of lateral graduated lines and of trademark.
Station 3: stamping of lateral graduated lines and of trademark.
Station 4: stamping of number of model on instep and toe of last.


Mechanical rotative table: 4 positions, motoreductor 0,25 Kw 1400 rpm 380 V.
Working units: pneumatic 6 bar, positioning with motoreductors 24 V d.c. and motoreductor 380 V 0,13Kw.
Stamping system: with airtight ink distribution.
Electronic control: PLC programmable 24 V d.c. with indelible memory.
Electrical system: 220/380 V 50 Hz with safety devices according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 1300 x 1280 x 2050 mm.
Weight:1000 Kg.