Art.082 is a machine to pattern the iron plate and to cut it according to the hinge.
It works the pair and has got two working units that execute operations alternatively on one last or the other.
Geometry of iron plate to be used is programmable simply by the CN that drives the roller unit.
The machine permits to save data of standard geometries in the memory of the CN for a quick and immediate use.
Computing of grading immediately on machine.


The operator puts the last in vice;
Adjustment of last’s position:
last height
toe height
position of cut;
setting of working parameters:
length of the plate
number of passages
geometry of plate profile
cycle selection:
simple pattern
contouring of plate
pressing of the pins
enable of cut ;
the operator takes the finished last without stop of working on the last to be worked;
simple and rational control panel;
hydraulic system independent;
electrical system with safety devices according to law in force.


Electrical movements 24 V d.c.
Variable range hydraulic pump
Electrical system PLC and CN 24 V d.c.
Dimensions : 1240 x 1800 x 2300 mm
Weight : 1500 Kg