The machine Art.066 executes milling of top cone of the last, drilling and insertion of the bush in automatic cycle.
It works the pair.
Loading of the lasts in hydraulic vices;
Many simply position adjustments of the last:
- single adjustment for the pair:
- height of heel;
- height of last;
- position of heel;
- independent adjustment for the last:
- position of ankle.
Adjustment of zero for drill length.
Execution of hole in automatic cycle, with single adjustment of pre-hole or zero-length, depth of chip breaker, depth of hole.
Insertion of bush in automatic cycle
Selection of bush type man or woman, with or without ring
Automatic opening of vices at end of cycle
Control panel simple and rational
Independent hydraulic system
Electrical system with safety devices according to laws in force.


Drilling unit, motors 2.2 Kw 1400 rpm 380 V 50 Hz
Variable range pump
Electrical PLC system 24 V d.c.
Dimensions : 1500 x 1700 x 2200 mm
Weight : 1650 Kg