The machine PALSER Art.050 executes mounting of cuneo hinge in automatic cycle, working together the pair of last.
The machine executes the hole for the spring and after inserts the spring and the ring.
Working is quick and precise and adjustments of last’s position are very simple.
It can be used with PALSER Art.040 Unit for Cuneo Hinge or with traditional line of production.


1.The operator put the pair of last without cuneo on the auto centering vices;
2.start of cycle to close the lasts and checking of height for spring insertion by hydraulic group;
3.the operator put the cuneo on the lasts closed in vices and starts the working;
4.a hydraulic device close the cuneo and drilling unit works for the hole of the springs; a pneumatic system prepares automatically the springs and the rings to be mounted; at the end of drilling operations the machine inserts springs and rings in the pair of lasts; opening of vices at the end of cycle.


Drilling unit, motor 2.2 Kw 1400 rpm 380 V 50 Hz
Variable range pump
Electrical PLC system 24 V d.c. with indelible memory
Dimensions : 1500 x 1700 x 2200 mm
Weight : 1650 Kg.