PALSER Unit for Hinged Lasts ART.040 permits to realize hinged lasts with just one operator in a single working unit, doing in completely automatic cycle all workings necessary to have hinged lasts type "Cuneo" Little and Big. Lasts are returned full-assembled and ready for following finishing working


Station 1: the operator puts the pair of lasts in vices and starts the cycle.
Station 2: a band-saw, controlled by programmable unit, realizes the cut of wedge.
Station 3: drilling unit realizes the spring's seat on both the surfaces of cut.
Station 4: assembling unit puts the thimble and the pins for anchorage, so that assembling of hinge is complete.
The operation of last's loading, cutting, drilling and assembling are executed at the same time in the 4 working stations.


Cutting unit: motor 2 Kw 1400 rpm, movements controlled by CN programmable unit.
Drilling unit: motor 0.37 Kw 2800 rpm, movements hydraulic, chip-breaker function.
Assembling unit: hydraulic manipulator, pin and spring feeding with elevator, inserting device hydraulic.
Vices: independent hydraulic movements.
Rotative table: 4 positions, motor 1,1/0,6 Kw 1400/700 rpm.
Hydraulic system: variable range pump, motor 5 Kw 1400 rpm.
Electronic control: PLC programmable 24V d.c. with indelible memory.
Electrical system: 220/380V 50Hz with safety device according to laws in force.
Dimensions: 2800 x 2100 x 2200 mm.