PALSER ART.030 permits to realize hinged lasts with one operator and one machine, making all operations necessary to obtain hinged last type V-Cut (Alfa) or C-Cut (Slide-o-matic).
The lasts are returned completely assembled and ready for following finishing operations.


Station 1 : the operator put the last on vice and a drilling unit executes the holes for the pins that will fix the spring of the hinge.
Station 2 : the band-sawing unit controlled by CN realises the cut according to hinge’s geometry.
Station 3 : a chain-milling unit works the slots for spring in the sides of heel and of toe.
Station 4 : the machine inserts the spring and the pins, so that it return a completely assembled hinged last.
All the 4 operations of drilling, cutting, milling and assembling are working in the same time.
Average working cycle time is around 30-35 sec for a last.


Drilling unit: motor 2 Kw 2800 rpm, hydraulic movements, with pre-hole and chip-breaker functions.
Cutting unit: motor 2 Kw 1400 rpm, movements by CN , parametric geometry.
Milling unit: motor 2 Kw 2800 rpm, chain diameter 35x6, hydraulic movements.
Assembling: hydraulic manipulator, hydraulic insertion of pins, storage of springs and pins.
Vices: independent hydraulic movements.
Rotative table: 4 positions motor 1.1/0.6 Kw 1400/700 rpm.
Hydraulic system: variable range pump motor 5 Kw 1400 rpm.
Electronic control: PLC programmable unit 24 V d.c. with indelible memory.
Electrical system: power 220/380 V 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 2800x2100x2200 mm
Weight: 3000 Kg.

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